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Charles Raux (LAET, Université de Lyon)

Le Mardi 28 novembre à 14h

Mobility Choices and Climate Change : Assessing the Effects of Social Norms and Economic Incentives through Discrete Choice Experiments

Abstract : The potential of psychological and fiscal incentives in motivating environmentally responsible behavior in a context of long distance leisure travel is explored thanks to a series of controlled experiments on 900 participants. Framing effects like information on CO2 emissions, injunctive and descriptive norms, in combination with fiscal incentives such as a carbon tax, a bonus-malus or a carbon trading scheme are tested. Providing CO2 information on emissions is highly effective and the injunctive norm reinforces this effect in the case of air and train. A quota scheme reinforces the injunctive norm effect in the case of these two modes. More strikingly, the amount of the financial sanction or reward has no effect on the probability of using the various travel modes, unlike the presence of the fiscal framing itself. These results reinforce the case for using psychologically framing effects, in association or not with fiscal instruments, in promoting