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Séminaire d’Economie des Transports


Jour de la semaine : Jeudi
Lieu : LAET 14 avenue Berthelot 69363 Lyon cedex 07 (salle DOC/LAET)
Organisateur : Guillaume MONCHAMBERT

Séminaires à venir 2019-2020

jeudi 24 octobre à 14h

Alejandro Tirachini (Universidad de Chile)
The economics of automated public transport : effects on operator cost, travel time, fare and subsidy(with C. Antoniou)
Abstract : Currently it is unknown in which city environments, automated vehicles could be deployed at reasonable speeds, given safety concerns. We analytically and numerically assess the impact of automation for optimal vehicle size, service frequency, fare, subsidy and degree of economies of scale, by developing a model that is applied for electric vehicles with data from Chile and Germany, taken as illustrative of developed and developing countries. Automation scenarios include cases with partial driving cost savings and reduced running speed for automated vehicles. We find that a reduction in vehicle operating cost due to automation benefits three parties : (i) operators, through a reduction of operator costs ; (ii) public transport users, through a reduction on waiting times and on the optimal fare to be paid for the service, and (iii) the public sector, through a reduction on the optimal subsidy. The benefits from automation are larger in Germany than in Chile.

jeudi 21 novembre à 14h

Joel Franklin (KTH Royal Institute of Techonology)

jeudi 23 janvier 2020 à 13h30

Christophe Thiebaud (Université de Lausanne)