Séminaires d’Économie des Transports

Le Séminaire d’Économie des Transports regroupe tous les mois des chercheurs autour de la présentation des travaux d’un chercheur invité. L’objectif de ce séminaire est de renforcer l’émulation scientifique au sein du laboratoire et de créer ou renforcer les collaborations avec les chercheurs invités et leurs laboratoires respectifs.

Nous accueillons

Sebastian Hörl (IRT System X Paris)

Le jeudi 02 mars à 14h en salle de documentation (MSH)

Exploring the system-level impacts of urban parcel deliveries using synthetic data

Résumé : The amount of parcels delivered in the urban space is steadily increasing and is often expected to double by 2030. To date, cities have little political power to regulate urban logistics, but also limited data to analyze the current situation and propose future scenarios. In the presented work, which has emerged from the H2020 project LEAD, we provide a case study in which we estimate environmental and economic characteristics of last-mile parcel deliveries in Lyon. One part of the study covers data collection efforts on the parcel demand based on synthetic population data, and on market shares and cost structures of the parcel operators. The computational part solves Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing Problems that yield the types and number of vehicles that are likely to be used by the operators today, as well as the driven distances. While the study is based on a multitude of assumptions on the inner workings of the last-mile parcel transport system, it is a first step towards better understanding its impact. The study provides rough estimates on the total daily emissions and energy used for parcel deliveries in the city and uncovers pathways for future modeling efforts and data collection.

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