KLEIN Olivier

Deputy director
State Public Works Engineer

■ Main research topics

High speed travel

  • Analysis of high-speed travel practices
  • What roles do high-speed means of transport play in our society?


  • Methods for assessing major intercity transport infrastructure
  • Analysis of the transport-space relationship

Production of the transport offer

  • How are infrastructure projects, transport policies, technological innovations in transport produced?

■ Networks and various participations

  • Since 2001, I have participated in the research group “Spatial mobility and social fluidity” led by Bertrand Montulet (U Saint-Louis – Brussels) and Vincent Kaufmann (EPFL – Lausanne). In 2005, I was responsible for organizing the group’s annual colloquium on the theme “Mobility, Differentiations and Inequalities ” (http://msfs2005.entpe.fr)
  • From June 2004 to September 2005, I was a member of the Special Commission for Public Debate on the PACA High-Speed ​​Line project between Marseille and Nice (http://debatpublic-lgvpaca.org/).

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