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1. Editor

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UMR5593 | Univ. Lyon 2 | CNRS | ENTPE |

Publication Director : Pierre-Yves Péguy, directtor
Publishing co-director : Olivier Klein, deputy director

Company name and denomination:
Laboratoire Aménagement Économie Transports (LAET). Unité mixte de recherche (UMR) n° 5593, under the supervision of University Lumière Lyon 2, the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) and the École nationale des travaux publics de l’État (ENTPE)

2. Production

Atelier Chose & Co
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69780 Toussieu
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MSH Lyon St-Etienne
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Laboratoire Aménagement Économie Transports
MSH Lyon St-Etienne
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F-69363 Lyon Cedex 07 France

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7. Content of the site

LAET reserves the right to modify, update, correct or delete all or part of the content of the site as well as these conditions of use at any time and without notice. LAET cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision, updating or completeness of the information made available on this site.
Consequently, the LAET declines all responsibility for any inaccuracies, inaccuracies or omissions in the information available on this site.

8. Intellectual Property

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9. Hypertext links

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10. Disclaimer of technical liability

The LAET undertakes to make its best efforts to ensure that this site is accessible at all times. Nevertheless, the LAET declines all responsibility in the event of difficulty in accessing this site or interruptions in the connection, whatever the causes.
In particular, LAET reserves the right to make any changes to the site that it deems useful, without prior warning and even if access to the site is consequently interrupted.
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11. Photo credits

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