Professeur des Universités – Economie (CNU 05)
Professor in economics since September 2015 (full) at the University of Lyon 2 (University of Lyon- France)

Dr. Stéphanie Souche-Le Corvec is Professor in economics since September 2015 (full) at the University of Lyon 2 (University of Lyon- France), assigned to the Planning and Transport Economics Laboratory (LAET). Until 2019, Stéphanie was head of Transport Department at the economic and management faculty and in charge of the Transport Master Degree.

Her work focuses on pricing implementation, in particular urban tolls (efficiency, equity and acceptability), the evaluation of public policies (CBA, accessibility, policy fairness), and more recently on Autonomous Vehicle. Added to transport economics, she’s particularly interested in behavioural economics.

She has participated in many national research projects (financing by the French Transport Ministry, the National Agency for the Environment, Nation Research Program, …) and European Research Projects (PATS, IMPROVERAIL, Era-Net SURPRICE, OPTICITIES). She’s also a member of LABEX IMU and of the European Transport Laboratory Network TRANSPORTNET.

Five recent publications:

  • SOUCHE – LE CORVEC, S., 2021, Why do respondents give non-responses to the income question during a transport survey? What can be learned by mhurdle models and for respondents’ attitudes to pricing change, Transportation Letters, august.
  • MERCIER, A., SOUCHE – LE CORVEC, S., OVTRACHT, N., BORSENBERGER, C., VIALANEX, O., JORAM, D., 2020, Measure of accessibility to postal services in France: a potential spatial accessibility approach applied in an urban region, Papers in Regional Science, July.
  • SOUCHE – LE CORVEC, S., ZHAO, J., 2020, Transport and emotion: how neurosciences could open a new research field, Behavior and Transport Letters, July.
  • LEJOUX, P., FLIPO, A., ORTAR, N., OVTRACHT, N., SOUCHE – LE CORVEC, S., STANICA, R., 2019, Coworking, a way to achieve sustainable mobility? The design of an interdisciplinary research, Sustainability, dec.
  • SOUCHE – LE CORVEC, S., 2019, French Yellow vests resistance to transport pricing reform, International Journal of Transport Economics, vol. XLVI, 3, nov.

Key words: Transport economics, transport policy, pricing, transport behavior.